Collection: Everlyou Lifestyle Coaching

Everlyou Lifestyle Coaching is all-encompassing. It is focused on personal expansion, health and wellness, life fulfillment, creating balance, finding personal success, loving yourself, staying present, goal setting, and living a healthier, happier more empowered lifestyle because of the process.  

Everlyou Lifestyle Coaching is not counseling or therapy, is not meant to be used in place of psychological counseling or therapy and will not diagnose illness or pathology.

Everlyou Coaching with Amanda

Why is it different?  Coaching with Amanda is soul-connecting.  Together you uncover and bring awareness to the parts of your life that you want to improve, redesign, and release for your own personal transformation.  

The process of hearing your own words and wisdom come to the surface so you can examine them, challenge them, heal them, and re-write them is a powerful one. 

Amanda gives you the space to feel fully supported, heard, and filled with compassion and authentic connection.  Amanda holds space for your personal, emotional, spiritual, and/or professional growth without judgment, expectation, or attachment.  She compassionately challenges you to go deeper and to reach for more than you’ve ever thought possible.  

In Amanda's Words

Coaching is a beautiful process of holding space for another.  It's a deeper communication process that allows my clients to feel completely supported and heard without judgment.  

It's an energetic connection and trust that's created that allows my clients to open up, access their own wisdom, and uncover the perceptions and beliefs that have been keeping them from where they want to be. 

It's a willingness and personal investment that my clients make that allows them to transform parts of themselves, and their perceptions, which in turn transforms the life decisions that they make, and the trajectory of their lives. 

It's having me there with them, 100% invested in their success, with no judgment, attachment, or expectations to the decisions they make.  It's a beautiful, powerful experience to be a part of and to help facilitate.  Learn more about Amanda.

Where to start?

All new client coaching packages below include a free 30-minute coaching consultation. This helps ensure that Amanda is a good fit for you before any payments are made. To sign up for any of these packages below, please first start by filling out our Free 30-minute Consult form.  If you are an existing client you are welcome to purchase any package below without the consult.  

**All coaching sessions are held over the phone unless otherwise arranged.